Artist Adam Mars brings his unique blend of art, music, and pop culture to a progressive collection of limited-edition and custom clothing. Mars has created memorable fashion projects for some of the world’s most prominent musicians like Billie Eilish, Post Malone, and Axl Rose. His dynamic clothes have also appeared in major publications, including Rolling Stone, New York MagazineNME, and Washington Post.

Now, Mars’ designs are available in editions through his LIMIT/ED line, which features premium apparel printed in southern California. His limited-edition runs are of 150 units or less. For his more exclusive items, Mars utilizes over 20 years of fine art experience to personally hand paint and print every article in his CUSTOM(S) line.

Whether he’s designing captivating looks for television, stage, or everyday life, Mars operates a versatile studio in Los Angeles to tackle a wide range of styles. For inquiries about ordering custom clothing, please fill out our CUSTOM ORDERS form.